If you could buy your next car direct from the manufacturer, for less money knowing that the manufacturer was obliged by law to give you a better service level than your dealer, you would.
Because it is always a smart move to go to the source.

In the same way every business person knows that it makes no commercial sense to go to Court, which is why you have never 'instructed' a barrister, and don't expect to

But when things do go pear shaped and litigation looms there is one person that everyone needs, either to find the loophole or argue your point, and that is the barrister.

Therefore the smart business person takes advantage of that experience before things go pear-shaped, for prevention, and that is why they use Barrister Access.

Our clients are mostly small and medium sized enterprises because we add value to the business operation that cannot be found elsewhere. From debt collection, to employment and pension law to strengthening your contractual protection, at Barrister Access we solve business problems without having to go to Court, day in and day out, cleanly and efficiently and we are more affordable than any comparable solicitors service.

General Legal work
Terms of Trade
Contract Review

It is a fact of business life that some relationships turn sour. But by using our '3 Part Contract Health Check' service you can ensure that if things do go pear-shaped, that at least you will know your contract wont let you down. At Barrister Access we know prevention is far more cost effective than cure.

So, ask about our Contract Health Check service. For a fixed fee we will review your existing contracts (terms of trade, employment etc) and where you are at any risk, post a warning and design a patch. The reason we can do this is because of the expertise gained from the extensive practical experience in court from either enforcing or undermining contracts. As a result our barristers have an unrivalled expertise and sharp eye for detail.

What is more we put our money where our reputation is, by backing our work with a guarantee that if any contract we have health checked and you have followed our advice, we will defend that contract in court without charging a fee.

Employment Matters

Will your employment contracts stand up like well oiled machines in the Employment Tribunal? If they do.... you don't need lawyers!

But the reality is that human beings don't work like machines. Many employees bring (unjustified) claims that either end up setting because it is the least expensive option (compared with the combination of lost management time and the final bill from a solicitor). Or, alternatively, they are lost at the tribunal because the employer failed to sacrifice the management time and pay the high cost of legal advice.

If you have dealt with a tribunal you know exactly what we are talking about, and if you haven't - how long can your good luck last?

The fact that a Tribunal costs your company money, seriously disrupts HR and line managers and subjects senior management to the ordeal, is good enough reason for an aggrieved employee to pay for the tribunal issuance fee. The fact that the employee will almost certainly win a claim is often just icing on the cake.

If you call in Barrister Access at the planning stage we:

  • Hold the hands of your HR department through the process.
  • Ensure the documentation (including correspondence, witness statements etc) is overwhelming
  • If it gets as far as a Tribunal hearing you will then have an advocate who has seen the process from start to finish. As always at every stage you will know the odds and can speak directly to the person acting for you.

At Barrister Access you get a realistic assessment of your outcomes and 2 x fixed fee quotes, one with tribunal and one without.

TRansport & Logistics Sector

As 90% of European trucks are made by either MAN, Scania, Daimler, Volvo, Iveco or DAF if you bought an HGV medium to heavy commercial lorry/truck for the 14 years between 1997 and 2011 you are probably entitled to compensation whether you bought new or second hand (interestingly if you did by second hand it does not matter what make of HGV it was).

In July 2016 it was announced that these truck makers were fined £2.5bn by the EU for price collusion, and simply put that makes them liable for damages.

At Barrister Access we are doing something about this injustice for our Transport and Logistics clients by putting together a class action to recover the illegal overcharging.

If your company purchased a new truck/lorry between 1997 and 2011 from MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco or DAF, we believe you could be entitled to:

  • Between 5% and 10% of the original purchase price
  • The profit foregone by your business from having to fund the additional capital cost
  • Interest on the above

Ask your finance director what the capital spend on HGV between 1999 and 2011 was and take an average of 7.5% and that could be what your claim is worth. If that is money you would like back then click this link to our Class Action Contact Form, where we will ask you for a few details with no obligation and for which you incur no cost.

Construction Sector

Do you always include damages clauses? Do you understand when you can exclude them? Our barristers do. The devil is in the detail and we can work on the detail and firstly reduce the scope for disputes arising and secondly if there is a dispute to improve your chances of coming out on top.

Interim Payment Applications
A contract that works well will involve interims without dispute but that is not always the case If you are the contractor come to us and we will show you how to maximise the Interim Payment ('Smash and Grab' if necessary), if you are the client come to us and we can show you how to keep the adjudicators eye on the real costs of work but if the contractor's Smash and Grab succeeded how to avoid payment or recover your position at the next interim/final bill.

'Payless Notices'.
We will ensure that yours are drafted on time and to ensure maximum value and effect on the adjudicator.

Adjudication. The adjudicator's scope is limited and our barristers will give you the best chance at ensuring that in the final analysis the interim application goes in your favour.

Why use Barrister Access? Because we are representing interim applications and final bills regularly. Acting for both contractors and the clients, it means we know both sides strengths and weaknesses.

Debt Collection

What could be simpler than collecting outstanding debts from customers who bought your goods and services? In an ideal world debts should be paid on time, the reality is far from ideal.

Yet, with the banks withdrawal from lending, where else do your customers get credit? From their suppliers – that is you. So while your bad debt rates may not have increased appreciably over time, your average collection days almost certainly have and the uncertainty over Brexit is tightening credit even more than before. Unfortunately sending legal letters to your customer has the same effect it has on you, it gives you another 3 months.

Having the biggest gun available means not having to pull the trigger, and Barrister Access has a unique service which can solve this problem for you, without unnecessary expense and without ending up in Court or losing your customer, it will even please your Board. Give us a call and we will give you the answer.

Property Matters

Rent Reviews & Arbitration

Every business comes up against the dreaded rent review and needs professional help. Every sensible business person knows that the cost of not taking the right professional advice is greater than the alternative. Yet like building quotes, when asking a traditional solicitor, what is going to be the professional cost, you get a variation of how long is a piece of string.

At Barrister Access one of our specialties is rent revues and tribunals, which is why we will not only provide you with a realistic assessment of your outcome but we will also provide you with 2 x fixed fee quotes, one with tribunal and one without.

Remember every solicitor uses a barrister to fight the review in the tribunal. By using Barrister Access you go directly to the source while saving the cost of a solicitor.


Planning issues are complex. Planning officers are full time professionals but they are not tribunal trained. Barrister Access planning barristers are both professional and tribunal trained. Come to us with your planning issues at an early stage, we will guide you through the process thus giving you the best chance to achieve your objectives without even going to Tribunal.

At Barrister Access you get a realistic assessment of your outcomes and 2 x fixed fee quotes, one with tribunal and one without.

At Barrister Access you get a realistic assessment of your outcomes and 2 x fixed fee quotes, one with tribunal and one without.


Going to law is not cheap, and you don't always have to win to recover your costs from the other side. At Barrister Access you get an initial free no obligation telephone consultation with a barrister who has at least 10 years experience. The objective is for you to understand an estimation of what your realistic options are and an indication of the total cost and the costs at various stages.

Direct Debit / Payment Plans
Because we understand how unexpected costs can affect decision making (and not always for the better) at Barrister Access we can, in a lot of circumstances, spread your cost by agreeing a payment plan under the Direct Debit scheme.

Family Issues
Although we are a service aimed primarily at business clients we recognise that some family business owners from time to time have personal matters on which they require advice and we can source a barrister who can provide the same highly professional focused service for private or family matters as for the business client.



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